Vengeance demons, or justice demons as they preferred to call themselves, were an all-female species of demons who had the power of granting wishes of vengeful intent. Their ranks were gathered by D'Hoffryn, who sought out women who exacted curses on those who have done them harm. They were female immortal beings who traveled the world exacting vengeance on behalf of their victims such as wronged women, scorned men, dying people, and even neglected or abused children.

Notable vengeance demonsEdit

  • Anyanka — specialized in granting the wishes of wronged or scorned women.
  • Halfrek — specialized in granting the wishes of neglected or abused children.
  • Malice — specialized in granting the wishes of dying people.
  • Anya (ghost)
  • Jonathan Levinson
  • D'Hoffryn — the employer/master of Vengeance Demons.
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