"You Dont Need To Know My Name You Just Need To Know Who I Am".


"You Probably Shouldin't Have Done that"! - Tyler's Catchphrase before battle

He Is A Kid Who Lost His Mother He Came To Sunnydale He Felt Right At Home He Is Kamen Rider Vampire King And He Also Has A Crush On Cordelia Chase He Is Best Friends With Angel He Gets Along Well With The Scooby Gang He Used To Be Called "Sonic Speedy Kid" "Super-Boy" "Big Bad Vamp Kid" "Lover Boy" "Ty" "The Hero Who Will Protect This Planet". By Cordelia Chase Winifred Burkle and Angel He Is The Standofish "Spider-Man" Personality and Attitude He is Potrayed by Leo Howard.

Personality Edit

He Is Cool and Friendly with a Sense of Humor But When Somebody Makes Him Mad He Gets So Angry He Also Has Deep Thoughts He Is Described Heroic, Silly, Carring Impulsive, Reckless, Naive, and Awsome He'll Do Anything To Protect Sunnydale and His Friends.

Powers and Abilites Edit

  • Super Speed - he can run so fast nobody can stop him except buffy
  • Time Break - he can also slow time down that bad guys and evreything freeze
  • Enchanced Combat - he can fight them without getting hurt
  • Enchanced Agility - he can also jump very fast to get into high places
  • Time Slow - he can also slow people down by pressing his back tooth
  • Acceleration Mode - he can move so fast time slows down

Equepment Edit

  • Bathlowmew III (Vampire king Belt)

Relationships Edit

  • Cordelia Chase - They get along even though cordelia acts like a cat to tyler Cordelia has a crush on him When cordy's in danger tyler turns into kamen rider vampire king and saves her

Gallery Edit

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