"Nobody messes with my friend."

Tara Maclay was a witch, member of the Scooby Gang and friend of fellow scooby and witch Willow Rosenberg.

Notable PowersEdit

Tara is an accomplished and exceptionally knowledgeable "natural" witch with an inherited talent to manipulate magical forces, allowing her to:

  • Perform spells and rituals alone or with the aid of others
  • Project and perform spectacular magical feats such as aura-reading, telekinesis and levitation by sheer force of will
  • Fluency in Latin.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer

  • "Hush"
  • "A New Man" to "Primeval"
  • "Restless" (Only in dreams)
  • Tara appears in all episodes of Season 5 and 6, with the expection of "The Replacement", "No Place Like Home", "Fool for Love", "Into the Woods", "Gone", "Doublemeat Palace", "As You Were".
  • "Two to Go" (Mentioned)
  • "Grave" (Mentioned)
  • "Help" (Her grave)
  • "Conversations with Dead People" (Mentioned)
  • "The Killer in Me" (Mentioned)

Buffy Season 8

  • The Long Way Home (Only in visions)
  • Always Darkest (Only in visions)
  • Retreat (Only in flashbacks)
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Willow (Only in flashbacks)


  • The Dark Druid (Non-canon)
  • Willow & Tara (Non-canon)
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