Willow: "I'm sorry about how all this ended up. With me shooting you, and all."
Oz: "That's okay. I'm sorry I almost ate you."
Willow: "That's okay."
— Willow and Oz

Daniel Osbourne, known primarily as "Oz", was a member of the Scooby Gang, a werewolf, the guitarist of Dingoes Ate My Baby and a student both at Sunnydale High and UC Sunnydale. He was also the husband of witch Willow Rosenberg.

Notable PowersEdit

  • Werewolf physiology grants him the potential to transform into a berserk, lupine creature with enhanced strength, speed, stamina and sense of smell. Unlike most werewolves, who change into animal form on the nights around the full moon, Oz has control over his form, no longer changing due to the phases of the moon because of releasing the energy of the wolf into the earth.
  • Heightened sense of smell when in human form and the ability to identify others by scent.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer

  • "Inca Mummy Girl"
  • "Halloween"
  • "What's My Line, Part One"
  • "What's My Line, Part Two"
  • "Surprise"
  • "Innocence"
  • "Phases"
  • "Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered"
  • "Becoming, Part One"
  • "Becoming, Part Two"
  • Oz appears in all episodes of Season 3, with the expection of "Consequences".
  • Season 4, Oz appears from "The Freshman" to "Wild at Heart".
  • "New Moon Rising"
  • "Restless" (In a dream)

Angel Season 1

  • "In the Dark"

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Oz

  • Oz

Buffy Season 8

  • Retreat
  • Turbulence
  • Twilight, Part Three (in flashback)

Willow Wonderland

  • Wonderland, Part One and Four (in vision)
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