Abraham Van Helsing is an infamous vampire hunter and the scion of the Helsing bloodline; the sworn enemy of Count Dracula. In the modern times he is known as James Harvester; Buffy's history teacher at Sunnydale High School.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Growing up around central Europe during a time when chivalry and faith were prudent Abraham was raised in a very conservative manor.

Joining the Psijic Order Edit

Hunting Dracula Edit

Losing his family Edit

Becoming immortal Edit

Personality and traits Edit

As James Harvester he was seen as mysterious with an outwardly warm and friendly demeanor, both to his students and strangers.

Despite only hearing of her reputation as a troublemaker from the principal Ab was quick to let Buffy have a second chance in upping her grades, and immediately started to bond with her other friends Xander and Willow.

After his connection to the Psijic Order was revealed James reintroduced himself as Abraham Van Helsing, immortal and last Grandmaster of the Order.

With the veil of his true identity lifted Abraham changed. His demeanor remained the same, that of a charming man, thoughtful but appeared marred by ages of tradition.

As he joined the Slayer and her Scooby Gang on vampire hunts he was chivalrous, interposing himself between the vampire and the slayer whenever necessary, having of learnt that Buffy is an efficient slayer and can take care of herself.

As a vampire hunter Abraham saw himself the Hero and the vampires the monsters and thus has never made any attempt to hide is disgust towards the demon-hybrids nor those who would be friend them or try to become like them.

As an immortal, Abraham is constantly tormented by the memories of Dracula killing his wife and son, and longs to be given 'sweet relief' so that he can be reunited with his family again.

Powers and abilities Edit

"Our rivalry is that of legends Dracula. We have fought throughout the ages, from times in memorial and you have bested me several times in our encounters and I you. But there is one thing you have failed in completely. You can't slay me. Shatter my bones, break my spine, tear my head from my shoulders or simply impale me on top your battlements. I will always return. Unlike you, I only need to succeed once to end you."
―Abraham Van Helsing

Abraham is in exceptionally good health and at the peak of his physical strength. His reflexes and instincts have been honed to a razors edge over countless battles combating the forces of darkness.

Equipment Edit

  • Silver Stake

Relationships Edit

Friendships Edit

  • Buffy Summers- Daughter
  • Willow Rosenberg - Best Freind
  • Xander Harris - Son
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